About Us

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             Ankara Türk Telekom Mehmet Kaplan Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi (ASBL) was founded in 2004 with an aim to meet the requirements for well-qualified social scientists through a fully rounded education. The school moved to new purpose built premises in 2009 and today it is one of the country´s top national state-run schools with a strong emphasis on Language studies, Literature and Social Sciences.

             One of the major characteristics of the school is that teaching lasts for five years due to the preparatory classes. Graduation from the school is deemed a privilege as the school, unlike any other state schools, offers some different school subjects. For instance, students start to study Sociology soon after 9 Grade. And, in addition to English German and Ottoman Languages are also on the school´s curriculum. As a result, students who are highly interested in learning foreign languages find the school very attractive.

             Admission is restricted to students who achieve the required standard in a national exam. Students are in a class of no more than 30 students. Each classroom has an interactive white board as well as a traditional black board.

             The school attracts students from a wide area around Ankara and from further afield. That´s why it is also a boarding school, accommodating up to 300 students. The care and attention given the students by well-qualified and experienced teaching staff, both inside and outside the classroom situation, contributes greatly to the friendly and happy atmosphere at ASBL.

             The school is established in the heart of Turkey, Ankara- the capital city of Turkey, and therefore able to benefit from the city´s wide range of amenities and rich cultural heritage. It is located in a safe and quiet town, called Ümitköy, which is close to all major attractions of the city centre.

             The school often interacts with some of the leading universities around the city. Every year some prestigious speakers are invited to the school for one-day seminars.

             The school enables students to acquire knowledge through direct experience. Within 10 minutes´ walking distance there is a rest home where our students, from time to time, pay the elderly a visit.

             The school also works in association with a school for mentally-disabled people. The school welcomes students from every corner of the country. The good mix of a wide variety of cultural and social backgrounds gives the school a wonderful national atmosphere and ensures that mutual respect is the only language of communication.